Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Essie: Very Structured

Today I'm wearing...

Essie's Very Structured, a very autumnal orange-toned brown that Essie refers to as "burnt sienna". In the bottle, it looks much more like an autumnal burnt orange, which I was looking forward to, but it's much more brown on the nail. It's not very flattering on me as the orange tones bring out all of the red blotches in my skin. 

Application: excellent rich, creamy formula. I used two coats. 

Top coat: one coat of Poshe quick-dry top coat

Where to Find: This is part of Essie's Fall 2011 Collection: Brand New Bag. It's already released, so look for it in salons, beauty supply stores, and drug stores nationwide. 

Disclosure: I received this polish from the company for an unbiased review

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  1. I think this color is very flattering on you! Definitely not a color I would pick, but I get what you're saying how certain colors really bring out the worst in my skin tone.

    I don't think I'll be picking this one up but I think I need "carry on" from that collection :)

  2. Any idea how it might compare to China Glaze's Brownstone in the new Metro collection? I'm thinking it might be more of a burnt sienna.

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