Thursday, March 7, 2013

Jessica Gold Leaf 18K top coat...sprinkle a little gold on top!

Today I'm wearing...

Jessica Gold Leaf 18K top coat. You'll forgive my sloppy application job, won't you? This top coat is a clear base with flecks of gold leaf in it - like the nail polish equivalent of Goldschlager (anyone else immediately think of Superbad when you hear that word?). I'm wearing one coat of Gold Leaf over Perfect Formula's Invite Only because I loved the brocade-like, luxurious look of the gold against the dark cranberry. The result was really striking in real life and a number of people stopped me to ask about my polish. They had assumed I sprinkled the flecks of gold on myself. Pshaw! As if I'm that crafty with my nails!

Gold leaf flecks in nail polish is having a moment right now. I first noticed it when OPI came out with The Man With the Golden Gun for it's Bond collection, but there are three others that have been recently released! Polishaholic does a great comparison here and the conclusion I come to is that they are all alike. I decided I had to have one, but the OPI one was too expensive given I know that with my track record, no polish gets that much use from me. I found the Jessica one for a reasonable price on Amazon here. The ingredients list on the box did in fact list "gold", although I'm not sure if it was really 18K or not.

I had the usual application issues of a chunky top coat - trying to place the pieces exactly where I wanted them was hard. But, I found the less I tried, the better it looked. I did have a few micro bubbles in the final product but I did pile on a lot of layers here - top coat below the gold and on top and had minimal patience, so I'll blame myself. Also, no one but me could see those little bubbles, so who cares.

For a polish collector, I say grab one of these babies and have fun with it! In fact, it's such a special look, I think I'll add it to my Top 10!

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